19th Century Charm, 21st Century Amenities

The first Olympia Hostel was built in 1894

The first Olympia Hostel was built in the early 1894 by the Woods Brothers just in time to accommodate travelers arriving on the newly completed Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad. The large two-story wooden frame building was a showplace with its cone-shaped tower and enclosed balconies on its second and third stories. The “modern” hostel even featured electricity.

However, when a devastating fire swept through Victor in August, 1899, the wooden building succumbed to the flames that spread quickly and destroyed the entire town in just five hours.

Not to be deterred, the building was reconstructed to stand the test of time, with brick and stone. Larger than the prior building, the “Bank Block,” as it was called, housed not only the “new” Olympia Hostel , but also the Woods Brothers Investment Company and the First National Bank. The four-story building also housed storefronts along

the first floor and the upper floors held simple accommodations for businessmen and miners. One distinctive feature of the hostel was its elevator, which came in handy for yet another function that the building took on.

The new Olympia Hostel was built in 1899

During the winters, when the ground was frozen between October and June, it was impossible to dig graves for those that died in the quickly growing city. As an alternative, the bodies were taken up the elevator and stored on the fourth floor of the building until the ground thawed enough to bury them.

It is apparently many of these long-dead Victor residents that haunt the historic hostel today. Though seemingly harmless, several people have witnessed the site of disembodied apparitions on the fourth floor. Reports include what look like both doctors and patients, sometimes without arms, legs, and even a heads, moving about this place that once acted as “holding cell” for the dead. There are other haunted areas in the hostel including the basement, the elevator, the third floor, and the kitchen.

Throughout the hostel, guests often tell of seeing misty forms and hearing footsteps, sometimes accompanied by the sudden rush of cold air. In the kitchen, employees tell of utensils that are suddenly thrown about the room.

The new Olympia Hostel was built in 1899 after the first one was destroyed by fire. This hostel continues to stand and serve travelers today.

Olympia Hostel as it appears today

But the most prevalent ghost is that of a man named “Eddie” who allegedly fell down the elevator shaft years ago. Staying in Room 301 at the time of his death, Eddie has often been seen in the room, in the hallways, and in the elevator. Guests who stay in Room 301 also report hearing footsteps and other strange sounds that cannot be explained. Though the elevator is regularly inspected and maintained, it often tends to activate itself going up and down the shaft when no one is near it. Always stopping on the third floor, the elevator’s ghostly activity usually occurs around 3:00 a.m.

Today, the Olympia Hostel , located at 4th Street and Victor Avenue continues to provide victor-hostel-signaccommodations to travelers. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the hostel features 20 “modern” rooms with private baths. Victor is just a ten minute drive from Cripple Creek through the historic mining district on Colorado State Highway 67.
The Olympia Hostel welcomes private parties and groups! Host your family reunion, church group, company retreat or workshop at the hostel. Our meeting and conference rooms can host small and large groups comfortably. We can arrange box lunches, rollaway beds, and laundry service for an extra fee.

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